About us


About CTS

CTS or Complete Trading Solutions is
a trading company emphasizing on
material exploration, production and
quality control services adhering to
global standards. CTS pioneers in the
field of material sourcing and trading
and has been leading the industry
since its beginning.
CTS was founded in 2017 in view of
the development in the building
material market in the GCC countries.


To be the source and provider of
top notch quality building material
which eventually leads to enhanced
structures and infrastructures.


To lead the industry of material
trading and sourcing globally,
adhering to industry standards and
play a vital role in research and
innovation of materials and thereby
guiding the world to a better future.

What We Do

CTS as a trading company focus on
material trading and sourcing, and we
are capable of meeting client
requirements be it of any scale, with
commitment and a promise of quality.
The core of CTS business revolves
around the sourcing and supply of
building material, mainly:
• Limestone Aggregates Material
• Limestone Sea Fill Material
• Gabbro Aggregates Material
• Gabbro Sea Fill Material.


Quality Control

The main concept followed by CTS is to implement a very unique quality
control system covering every aspect of the product production cycle.
Effectively, instead of being limited to one production location (quarry), CTS is
maintaining a close quality control system with all our suppliers